Lisa’s family claims she has a severe problem with drinking and drug dependence which has caused them years of chaos.


Her daughter, Misti, says Lisa was recently charged with her third DUI and has been hospitalized multiple times with injuries and illness related to her alcohol consumption. Son-in-law, Brent, says he doesn’t want his kids “to grow up around a drunk,” and Lisa’s siblings, Jim and Deanne claim she’s a threat to their elderly parents.

“Alcohol abuse – drug abuse … seldom happens in a vacuum,” says Dr. Phil on Friday’s episode. “It usually happens in parallel with psychological issues at the same time.”

Lisa, who insists she’s not an alcoholic, accepts Dr. Phil’s referral to Origins, a dual diagnosis and treatment center.

Dr. Phil says the family has enabled Lisa’s behaviors in the past, and if they want her to get well, they’ll need to hold her accountable for her actions in the future.

What does he propose to help them help Lisa?

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