Dylan says his best friend, Bryce, was “a good-hearted kid who just got into the wrong stuff.”

When Bryce died of an overdose two years ago, it was Dylan who found him, but Bryce was past resuscitation. Dylan says that since then he’s had anxiety, guilt, panic attacks and depression.

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“I’ve dealt with a lot of people that have dealt with loss in every walk of life, and I’ve learned that grief is different for everyone,” says Dr. Phil.

Continuing, he says, “One thing I’ve learned for certain is that the length and depth and breadth of your grieving does not reflect how much you cared about the person.”

“You need to become the change agent in your own life,” he tells Dylan on Friday’s episode.

When Dr. Phil offers to set Dylan up with a life coach to help him move through his grief, does Dylan accept?

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