Maddie adamantly denies her family’s claim that she is anorexic. The 5’10” 18-year-old says she wants to reach her goal of getting below 100 lbs., even though she admits she has no energy.

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“Do you think your relationship with food, your interaction with food, is healthy or unhealthy?” Dr. Phil asks the teen on Wednesday’s episode.

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“Unhealthy,” replies Maddie, who says it gives her anxiety. “I know I have distorted thoughts toward food,” she admits.

In the video above, Dr. Phil reviews a list of five traits or personality characteristics of people who are at high risk of eating disorders.

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The list includes perfectionism, inflexibility, rule dependency, excessive doubt or caution, and a drive for order or symmetry. When he asks Maddie a series of questions about her personality characteristics, does she say any of the traits apply to her?

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