Melissa claims her husband, Nick, refuses to work and spends all his time posting videos and making music in a style he calls “murder rap” under the stage name King Krimzon.

She also claims that Nick has used her credit cards without her knowledge or permission to buy make-up and costumes, and involves their 3-year-old son in making his videos, which she says she fears is harming the child. Melissa says if Nick doesn’t give up his “obsession” with becoming a famous “murder rapper” and get a job outside the home, she’ll file for divorce.

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Nick claims rapping about murder is like therapy for him and says the bills are getting paid, so he doesn’t see why he needs to get a conventional job. He says he knows it was wrong to use Melissa’s credit cards, but claims he always intended to pay her back. He also admits to taking out student loans to finance his murder-rapping King Krimzon persona as well as a monster-making business.

When Dr. Phil tells him, “Get a job, quit breaking the law, and don’t expose your son to things that he shouldn’t be exposed to,” how does Nick respond?

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