Christy says she was awarded legal custody of her sister, Tricia’s, daughters while Tricia was serving a prison sentence for reckless homicide. Tricia is now out of prison. She has a job, a car, and an apartment, and says she’s ready to bring her daughters home; but Christy says that will never happen because Tricia hasn’t proven herself to be a fit parent.

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Tricia, a recovering heroin addict, says she’s been clean and sober for three years and has passed numerous drug tests. She’s accusing Christy of being an alcoholic who neglects her daughters while favoring her own children, while verbally abusing Tricia’s girls; allegations Tricia and Christy’s brother, Mark, also makes, but which Christy vehemently denies.

“Have you been drinking today?,” Dr. Phil asks Christy.

“No,” she replies.

When it’s revealed that a bottle of tequila was found in the suitcase Christy brought to the studio, that she admitted drinking from the night before, she says, “Why does it matter if I had alcohol? What does that have to do with her (Tricia) being a heroin addict?”

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