Marty is accusing his ex-wife, Marla, of keeping him from exercising his court-ordered parenting time with their 10-year-old son, David, but Marla claims David doesn’t want to spend time with his father. She claims Marty and his new wife, Jennifer, call her names and say bad things about her to the child.

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“You really need to redouble your efforts to try to find a way to make it as easy and fluid as possible for him to be in this child’s life,” Dr. Phil tells Marla on Thursday’s episode.

David’s older brothers, Danny and Sam, have also claimed their father and his wife speak ill of their mother. His sisters, Trisha and Jessica, each claim that their dad was verbally aggressive, and had a bad temper, which Marty admits.

To Marty, Dr. Phil says, “I don’t think you want to be angry and I think you’re really trying not to, but I think you need help with it, and I’m going to set you up with a professional to help you with that.”

When Dr. Phil refers him to one-on-one counseling through Doctor On Demand, does Marty accept? Tune in to Thursday’s Dr. Phil.

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