Debbie, who recently lost 300 lbs., claims her fiancé, James, is jealous and controlling - and that hasn’t helped her self-esteem.

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James says he’s not controlling or jealous. He says he just knows “more about the way to do things,” and likes being in charge.

Debbie’s daughter, Kaylie says it breaks her heart to see her mother in love with someone who she claims is “violent and disruptive.”

Debbie says it goes both ways. She says James has called her names, and sometimes gets “rough” with her. She also admits to arguing with, hitting and biting him.

James admits to sometimes cutting down Debbie with his words, but adamantly denies ever harming her physically.

“It’s not my job to judge, it’s my job to help," says Dr. Phil to James. "But I think there are times that you run out of patience and socially acceptable ways to express yourself.”

To Debbie, he says, “I think you have a damaged personal truth, I think you see yourself as less than and body image and self-image tend to vary together – if your body image goes down, it pulls your self-image down with it.”

When Dr. Phil refers the couple to counseling sessions with doctoral level therapists through *Doctor on Demand, do they accept his offer? And what surprise does Dr. Phil have waiting for Debbie to help her with her self-image?

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