Stephen admits he has lied to and played mind games with his wife, Karla, during their 38-year marriage.

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“I’m very superficial. I don’t really want to get heavily involved emotionally with anybody,” Stephen says, adding that he pretends to care and listen but that his mind is usually somewhere else.

WATCH: Man Admits He Has 'Played Mind Games,' And Lied To His Wife During 38-Year-Marriage

Stephen also claims that he can’t remember much of his life before the age of 21, including that he was reportedly going to marry another woman before Karla and the birth of his five children.

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Dr. Phil weighs in with his thoughts about Stephen’s behavior.

“I don’t believe what you’re saying,” he tells Stephen. “I think there’s a fair portion of this you might believe. I think you may have deluded yourself to the point that you do believe some of this. I think you lie when it’s convenient. You know how I know that? Because you told me you did. You told me you were a liar.”

Watch more in the video above, including what Dr. Phil says may be driving Stephen’s alleged memory loss. This episode airs Wednesday. Watch more here.

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