Katelyn claims her mother, Sandy, and stepfather, Ed, “stole” her son from her, but Sandy and Ed claim Katelyn is an unfit mother who isn’t equipped to raise her child.

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The couple says they gained permanent legal guardianship over their grandson a year ago, but claim Katelyn can have him back when she proves she has the means to provide for and give him a stable environment.

Katelyn, who claims she’s working full time and has her own apartment, says she wants her son back now, and will never admit that she’s not ready to raise him.

“Even though you don’t have a financial plan in place, even though you don’t have a childcare plan in place?” Dr. Phil asks. Katelyn admits she doesn’t have a childcare plan and needs help affording daycare. “Do you have any ideas about how all that would work?”

Dr. Phil Continues, “Because, if you don’t, that just goes on the to-do list that I’m going to help you with.”

“You need, you need some professional help in terms of a therapist to help you get the right mindset to be accountable as a mother and prioritize things in the right way,” he continues, referring Katelyn to Doctor on Demand.

“I want you to have your son back. And, we’ll see how serious you are because it’s going to take some work on your part.”

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