Becky says that after her daughter, Gabe, used heroin during her pregnancy and her granddaughter, Avery, was born premature, underweight, and needing oxygen, the Department of Human Services gave her a choice: take guardianship of Avery - or relinquish her to the foster care system. Becky says she took Avery in, but admits she gave her granddaughter back to Gabe just three months later.

When Gabe relapsed 14 months ago, Becky says she took Avery again and has been raising her granddaughter ever since. Gabe claims she’s been sober for nearly a year and says she believes she deserves to have her daughter back, but both Becky and Gabe’s sister, Aly, claim that Gabe continues to make bad decisions, which Gabe adamantly denies.

“It’s hard to talk your way out of a situation you behaved your way into,” says Dr. Phil in the video above.

When he tells her, “You violated the privilege, now you need to earn the right,” how does Gabe respond?

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