Danielle and Nick say they’re in recovery from drug addiction. They claim they’re great parents but say Danielle’s sister Kimberly has “stolen” their 8-year-old daughter and refuses to give her back.

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Kimberly claims her niece was born drug-addicted, and that Danielle and Nick neglected her for years. She says her sister’s daughter is thriving in her care, and since the court gave her custodial guardianship, she’ll raise the child as long as necessary.

Kimberly claims Nick is controlling and abusive, and that he is on probation for assaulting her mother. She says neither of them have jobs and claims Danielle has been “brainwashed” by Nick, which the couple adamantly denies.

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“I’m a drug addict in recovery, and I think I deserve a lot more credit than what I’m getting,” says Danielle in the video above.

When Dr. Phil tells her, “It’s not about you – it’s about the child,” how does Danielle respond?

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