Joshua says he regrets his ex-girlfriend, Jem, was hurt when she was with him. Jem claims Joshua told her he believed he was Jesus Christ and used that to justify manipulating her, starving her (he says they were fasting), and choking her when she told him she wanted to leave him.

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When Dr. Phil asks him if God – The Father tells him to attack women, Joshua says what happened to Jem “wasn’t my will. It was the flesh - it was evil.” Joshua claims he was in “spiritual warfare” during the time he was with Jem, but he’s repented since then.

“It’s offensive to my sensibilities for someone to use – to use Jesus Christ, the Lord, the Holy Spirit to justify ridiculous behavior,’ says Dr. Phil.

Tune in to Thursday’s episode to see why Joshua claims he’s being persecuted. Find out where to watch here.

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