Christina says she left her husband, Jim, when their daughter, Tara, was just 13. She claims she never intended to leave Tara with Jim permanently, but says Tara was angry with her for leaving and showed “in a very strong way,” that she wanted to stay with her father. Christina says she’s still involved in her daughter’s life, but that’s dependent on how Tara behaves.

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Now 21, Tara says she’s often anxious, overwhelmed and angry; suffers from social anxiety, and finds it difficult to function in the world. Jim claims that Tara’s emotional problems stem from being abandoned by her mother, while Christina says Jim’s bad parenting is to blame.

On Friday’s episode, Dr. Phil refers Tara to the extended care center at Onsite, which focuses on individuals who suffer from emotional trauma.

Miles Adcox, CEO of the center tells Tara, “Based on your circumstances, what makes sense to me is that you struggle trusting people, of trusting circumstances. What doesn’t make sense and what surprises me is, based on your circumstances, you still run towards help, you’re a bright, intuitive, empathetic young woman.”

“They’re going to focus on you and get you to the point that you can look in the mirror and like who you see. And then we’re going to start making a transition program to get you into a position in life where you can stand on your own two feet, be self-sustaining, and be proud of who you are and what you do,” Dr. Phil adds. “You deserve it; it’s your time, it’s your turn.”

Does Tara take them up on their offer of help? The conclusion of this two-part Dr. Phil airs Friday. Find out where you can watch here.

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