Crystal and her mother, Barbara, are accusing Crystal’s ex-boyfriend, Anthony, of sexually assaulting their 3-year-old daughter, Marie, in 2016; but Anthony categorically denies the allegations. He claims that Crystal and Barbara, have coached the child into saying he molested her.

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After Dr. Phil reviews two video recordings Crystal made with Marie of her talking about the alleged abuse, he tells Barbara, “In my professional opinion, no one has violated your granddaughter.”

Continuing he says, “Her affect is all wrong. Her demeanor, her emotion, the tone of her voice, the tenor, what you’re seeing there is –she’s playing a game. The story’s too pat, it’s devoid of pain. You’re not seeing the trauma that would be associated with a child that had been raped by an adult.”

“To me, in my 60 years, children just don’t say these things,” says Barbara.

“She’s saying it because she doesn’t understand the gravity of what she’s saying. Because she hasn’t been traumatized,” replies Dr. Phil.

When he says “The story is well rehearsed” how does Crystal respond?

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