Patsy admits she’s never met the man she’s planning to marry in person. She says she met John on an online dating site eight months ago, and since then, has been waiting for him to return to the U.S. from Cairo, where he told her he works as an engineer. She admits she’s run up massive debt sending John money and is about to sell off her last asset – her home – to send him even more.


Patsy’s younger sister, Linda, says she’s convinced Patsy is being catfished. She contacted Dr. Phil to ask for help convincing Patsy that she’s being scammed.

On Tuesday’s episode, Dr. Phil asks Patsy why John told her not to talk to her family about the money she sends him.

“Because I’ve told him how they act about it,” she says. “And so, he’s like, ‘Don’t tell them anything, just, - you know - it’s none of their business.’”

“Did that worry you?” asks Dr. Phil. “It worried me because I know that the number one tool of an abuser is isolation, if they’re going to take advantage of somebody, if they’re going to abuse them in any way, mentally, emotionally, financially, any way, first thing they do is isolate them, get them to cut off ties with friends, family, church, community, isolate them, so the only person talking to them is them.”

Does Patsy continue to insist that John is real? Tune in to Tuesday’s Dr. Phil.

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