Bob admits to having sexual contact with his daughter, Kim, when she was a child and served four years behind bars for sexual assault. He claims it was a consensual “sexual relationship,” and says he wants Kim to acknowledge that she played a role in seducing him.

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Bob says, “I just want her to admit to herself that there was two of us.”

“There were two of you; a perpetrator and a victim,” replies Dr. Phil.

Kim says she has experienced guilty feelings over what happened with her father when she was a child.

“If you came up with games to please him, to make him happy, to entertain with, and you feel guilty about that, you’re 100 percent wrong,” Dr. Phil tells her. “You have absolutely zero accountability for what happened to you in this interaction, he has 100 percent accountability for victimizing you as his daughter.”

Does Bob say he understands that a child doesn’t have the capacity to give consent?

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This program contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

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