Vera says her son, Michael, 22, is lazy, unmotivated and still lives at home. She claims he refuses to work, won’t get an education and expects her to support him financially, as well as do everything else for him.

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Michael claims it’s Vera’s fault that he can’t take care of himself because she didn’t teach him how difficult life was going to be. He says he hated school and is currently unemployed.

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“Why do you have such a chip on your shoulder?” Dr. Phil asks Michael in the video above.

“I don’t know. I just hate life,” he responds.

“There’s a place for everybody in this world, and it begins with getting you mentally, emotionally and physically healthy,” says Dr. Phil who asks Michael if he wants help with his depression.

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When Dr. Phil also offers to refer him to a life coach to help him develop the skills he’s missing, does Michael accept the offer?

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