Susan claims she’s spent $200,000 of her late husband’s multi-million dollar fortune supporting her 35-year-old son, Sexy Vegan, and bailing him out of jail.

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Susan says she thinks Sexy may have bipolar disorder. She says her son is “weird, immature, spoiled and misunderstood,” as well as the “most entitled person” she knows; but she admits she enables him and says she’s not sure she can stop.

Sexy, who had his name legally changed from Hans, admits he’s been arrested “15 times,” says the inheritance should be his and accuses his mother of using his father’s money to “control” him. He says he wants to star in his own reality show, and eventually become “the first American King.” When Sexy begins shouting expletives at Susan,

Dr. Phil has security escort him off stage and says he has some theories about why Sexy is behaving erratically.

“We need to forget about labels,” he says. “I always look and say whether something is normal or abnormal. I say it’s abnormal if it’s interfering with the person’s life and the pursuit of healthy goals.”

Saying Sexy would benefit from a thorough psychological and neurological assessment, he refers the family to the Lawlis Peavey PsychoNeuroPlasticity (PNP) Center, “because to properly diagnose somebody you need to do a multifaceted evaluation and that’s where I would start with him.”

When he tells her the best contribution she can make “is to stop making it possible for him to behave in an abnormal way,” how does Susan respond?

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