Paul says he used heroin and cocaine in the past but claims his parents, Carrol and Frank, are to blame for his current behaviors. He admits to stealing money from their pet store to pay for drugs when he was using and says he’s taken at least $10,000 from them over the past six months because he claims they owe him money from the sale of the business.

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“I just would like recognition of what’s happened, my contribution to why they have what they have because I really feel that they would have nothing if it weren’t for me,” he says.

Carrol and Frank say Paul contributed next to nothing while working at the pet store, was fired or quit almost 200 times, and stole more money than he earned. They claim he lost his own business when he got involved with drugs.

“What do you think needs to be done for you to be happy, stop feeling like you’re a victim, and let these people enjoy their retirement?” Dr. Phil asks Paul on Tuesday’s episode.

When he offers to set Paul up with a life coach, does Paul accept?

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