Marla and Marty divorced over four years ago after 28 years of marriage. The former couple, who has six children together, say they’re battling over parenting time with their youngest son, David.

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Marty claims Marla has ruined his relationship with all their children and won’t let him see their 10-year-old, David. Marla denies the accusation. She claims she’s done all she can to get David to visit his father, but says the child refuses to visit because Marty and his current wife, Jennifer, call her names and say negative things about her to him.

Marty admits to calling Marla names in the past and has apologized to their 19-year-old son, Danny, for his actions. Danny says he’d like to have a relationship with his father.

On Thursday’s episode, Marla and Marty’s oldest son, Sam, also says he’s willing to reach out to Marty, “But I want to have a relationship with my father specifically. I don’t want to have any contact with his wife. I have no ounce of forgiveness in my blood for her and I never will.”

In separate statements to Dr. Phil producers, Marla and Marty’s daughters, Trisha and Jessica, each claim that their dad was verbally aggressive, and had a bad temper, which Marty admits.

“I agree as to what I used to be,’ he says, adding, “We stayed married probably 28 years too long, but we had six great, wonderful kids that I love very much.”

What does Marty say when Dr. Phil asks him, “What the hell have you been so angry about?”

This episode airs Tuesday. Check here to find out where you can watch.

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