Trisha hosts a YouTube channel she calls Truthfully Trisha, where she says she’s been live streaming her day-to-day life for about a year. Trisha says her channel has about 2,000 subscribers, some of whom she and her husband, Sean, describe as “haters.”

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The couple says Trisha has been called names and stalked. They also allege someone recently sent her a pizza with black pepper on it, which she says she’s severely allergic to. After eating a slice, she claims she started going into anaphylactic shock. Trisha then called for an ambulance while live streaming her reaction.

After viewing the video Dr. Phil asks her, “Where’s your EpiPen?”

“I didn’t have it when we were, it was in storage when we were separated,” she responds.

How does Trisha respond when he asks her, “Is it possible that that was attention-getting behavior?”

Part one of this two-part episode airs Monday. Check here to find out where you can watch.

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Woman Who Says She’s Addicted To Live Streaming Claims A Breakdown On Camera Sent Her To The Hospital