Vickie and Larry say their daughter, Amber, has lost her business, lost her marriage, and lost custody of her two children. They claim Amber suffers from ongoing mental health issues, abuses alcohol and blames them for sabotaging her life.

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“My spirit has been crushed, and if we don’t fix it right now, I’m going to end up homeless on the side of the street,” says Amber, who says she was raped 25 years ago at age 14. A year later, the (now) 40-year-old saw her (then) boyfriend sent to prison for murdering a friend.

Amber says she’s been in and out of the state hospital eight times in the past eight years. She says not only did she not receive the therapy she needed to get past the trauma she suffered as a teenager; but also claims that she grew up in an abusive home, which Vickie and Larry deny.

“Your self-esteem is so low you couldn’t go lower. You can’t fall off the floor,” Dr. Phil tells her in part two of a two-part episode airing Thursday.

Does Amber say she believes she’s mentally ill?

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Woman Says Teenage Trauma And Alcohol Dependence Are Ruining Her Life