Marna says she loses time and experiences large gaps in her memory because of her drinking. “Huge. In fact, the other day I thought that it was Wednesday and - all of a sudden - it was Thursday.” Admitting to sometimes driving while intoxicated, Marna claims she is a chronic alcoholic, who drinks up to a liter of liquor per day.

“I would do anything right now if I could just – turn a switch – and not be afraid, and not wonder how I’m going to get through the day,” she says in the video above.

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“Here’s how you can turn a switch,” declares Dr. Phil on Friday’s episode. “You can’t change what has happened. You really can’t. But what you can do is – you can make choices in the moment. Because your brain is working well enough to know the difference between right and wrong.”

Marna’s daughter, Kristin, says she recently cut her mother out of her life, claiming Marna’s alcoholism - and what she says are attention-seeking behaviors - not only ruined her childhood; but continue to cause her pain and embarrassment today.

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