Taylor claims her mother, Michelle’s, drinking behaviors ruined her childhood. Now 23, Taylor also says she blames Michelle for not teaching her the life-skills necessary to become an independent adult. She admits to sometimes hitting and slapping her mother out of anger.

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Michelle admits she drank a lot when Taylor was growing up and wasn’t responsible. She says Taylor didn’t have a bad childhood and claims her daughter is spoiled and lazy, and depends on her “for everything.” Michelle claims she and Taylor are co-dependent on each other and, “a lot alike in a lot of ways.”

“You’ve got to find some peace,” says Dr. Phil to Michelle. “You’re always going to love her - we always worry about our children - she has to learn to take care of herself. And you’ve got to stop parenting from guilt. That’s not helping her. And both of you need professional help to do this, you can’t do it on your own.” 

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