Jacquelyn and Jody say their daughter, Hannah, started getting into trouble with the law at 15. Hannah claims her mother kicked her out of the house at 16, leaving her to raise herself.

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Now 21, Hannah, who says she has spent three of the past four years in jail for various criminal convictions, says she’s matured. She says going to jail is in her past, and that’s not who she is anymore.

But Hannah’s family says they’re concerned that Hannah is putting herself in danger. Her older sister, Kayla, claims that Hannah is a “Wannabe ghetto-girl” who is drinking, drugging and – possibly - selling herself to men, which Hannah adamantly denies. She says she “finesses” guys on social media, selling pictures of herself to earn money.

“Their concern is that you become a contributing member of society, and self-sufficient so that you can take care of yourself,” Dr. Phil says on Thursday’s episode.

Watch the video above to see how Hannah responds when Dr. Phil asks her, “What’s your long-term goal?”

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