Carrol says that nothing she does for her 48-year-old son, Paul, is ever enough, even though she’s supported him financially throughout his life.

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“I bought five houses for my son, Paul. I’ve bought six cars. He’s never paid for one. I even pay Paul’s monthly expenses,” she says.

Paul disputes his mother’s claim and says he worked at the family pet store, but Carrol and Paul’s father, Frank, claim he stole more than he earned. They say that since they sold the business, Paul has forged checks in their names and ordered more than $10,000 in merchandise using their Amazon account, which Paul readily admits, claiming it’s money they owe him.

“Even knowing Paul betrayed us, I’ve never stopped doing for him,” says Carrol, admitting she doesn’t want to see her son go without.

What do Carrol and Frank say happened to Paul as a teenager that they claim changed him forever? And how does Carrol respond when Dr. Phil asks her, “Do you get that you’re enabling him?”

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