Kristen was molested from the time she was a child until she was a teenager, and says she was diagnosed with PTSD five years ago. She claims her family is constantly attacking her, so she isolates herself and smokes marijuana for relief.

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Kristen’s daughter, Brittney, says she believes Kristen is using PTSD as a “crutch.” She says her mom is at war with the family and when she doesn’t take Kristen’s side, her mother calls her names and sends her “hateful text messages.”

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Kristen’s mother, Theresa, says that Kristen is, “Explosive, angry all the time, and paranoid,” and claims that the whole family avoids her because she is “mean.” Her sister, Susie, claims Kristen has labeled herself with PTSD so that she has “The license to mistreat people.”

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“Being sexually molested by a family member, and no one stepping up to protect you? Those things leave very open wounds,” Dr. Phil says to Kristen, adding, “It causes you to react to things and see the world as a hurtful place.”

When Dr. Phil refers Kristen to the PNP Center for a full diagnostic exam for her PTSD, and to Onsite Workshops to aid her with moving past her trauma, does she accept?

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