Katie and Dan claim that since their daughter, Samantha, took her own life, her boyfriend, Jonathon, is more concerned with making money off her death, than he is over the loss of their daughter.

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Dan says when he and Katie went to the home Samantha shared with Jonathon to collect her belongings,
“It floored me to see all of her stuff just piled up - and it looked like you were evicting somebody.”

Jonathon claims that Katie and Dan “ransacked” his home after Samantha died, taking not just their daughter’s personal effects, but also property that was jointly owned by him and Samantha, as well as items he owned before he met her.

“They clearly took that out of spite,” he says.

Katie claims that Jonathon asked for $500 to “forget about everything,” after accusing them of taking his property. And, then, she says Jonathon told them he was going to hold Samantha’s college tuition refund check of $4,508 until they returned Samantha’s things.

“Instead of showing that he was human, he went straight to - he was going to sue me. We ended up having to go to probate court over this. Our daughter was 22, there was no estate,” says Katie. “He has shown Samantha zero respect. I do not believe for one second that Jonathon loved my daughter.”

“I loved Samantha more than anyone I have ever met in my life,” says Jonathon, who denies Katie’s claims. How does he respond when Dr. Phil asks, “Looking back, if you had this to do over again, what, if anything, would you do differently?”

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