Shelly’s husband, John, along with daughters, Holli, Hillary, and Heather, all claim she’s a severe alcoholic who becomes violent when she drinks. The family claims Shelly has hit, choked, pushed, kicked and thrown things at each of them; once attempted to push Hillary down the stairs when she was pregnant, and attacking John with a fireplace poker.

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“Why are you continuing to put yourself in harm’s way? Why are you continuing to put your life at risk here?” Dr. Phil asks John. “This woman has attacked you with lethal weapons and attempted to kill you.”

“Right,” he replies, adding “I do feel sorry for her.”

Shelly adamantly denies her family’s claims, asserting that it’s John who abuses her. She also accuses him of enabling her drinking by buying her alcohol.

How does John respond when it’s revealed that he was drinking with Shelly the night before they came to see Dr. Phil?

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Woman Denies Family’s Claim She’s Abusive

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Woman Denies Family’s Claim She’s Abusive