Bethany says she hasn’t been able to quit using heroin, even after a recent medical crisis that landed her in a medically-induced coma and forced her to have open-heart surgery to remedy the damage done by her years-long IV drug habit. Her family has expressed their anger, sadness, and frustration over Bethany’s continued drug use, and say they believe heroin is more important to her than they are.

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Explaining why Bethany’s brain chemistry won’t allow her to stop using heroin on her own, Dr. Phil offers the young woman an opportunity to get treatment to address both her addiction and the underlying causes. “The only chance you have is not to treat your addiction – but to treat you,” he tells her on Wednesday’s episode.

Bethany is referred to Hannah House by Origins, a female-only - a dual diagnosis residential treatment center.

Is Bethany ready to face down her illness and kick her addiction for good? Tune in to Wednesday’s Dr. Phil.

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