Emily says she’s struggled with depression, PTSD and an addiction to cutting herself for most of the last decade. She estimates she’s inflicted roughly half-a-million wounds on herself since she was 13; resulting in upwards of 437 stitches and staples, as well as two hospitalizations.

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Emily first opened up about her struggles with cutting and self-harm on social media in 2015 and has since gained over 200,000 followers. She says she wants to be an advocate for others like her, but her critics claim she’s glorifying self-harm for fame and attention and possibly triggering others to cut by posting photos and videos of her scars. Emily’s mother, Carol, says she thinks Emily’s online activities are holding her back from focusing on her own recovery.

“You started cutting trauma at 8; you really started in earnest at 13. That’s a lot of years for this to go on, and you haven’t really dealt with some of the things that cause you to need to do this” says Dr. Phil on Tuesday’s episode. “That’s not OK with me. You’ve suffered long enough with this, and I think you deserve to have some help with these things.”

Emily is offered an opportunity to address the underlying trauma of her past, as well as her ongoing self-harm with help from Catalyst Mental Health. The facility offers specialized treatment plans for individuals with comorbid or coexisting diagnoses.

Does Emily agree to go into counseling? And what surprising recommendation does Dr. Phil make about her social media activities?

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22-Year-Old Claims She's Cut Herself Almost Half A Million Times Since Age 13