Crystal is accusing her ex-boyfriend, Anthony, of molesting their 3-year-old daughter, Marie, on at least two separate occasions in 2016. She claims that not only did Marie describe the alleged abuse on video, but that her daughter’s medical records are proof that Anthony assaulted her.

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Anthony unequivocally denies Crystal’s allegations. He claims she coached their daughter to say he abused her.

Dr. Phil questions why Crystal waited a week to seek medical attention for Marie after Anthony allegedly sexually assaulted the child with an object; and why the allegation about the object did not appear in the police report.

“If I knew about it then I had to have said it. They might not have put it in the report,” she says.

When Dr. Phil tells her “You don’t seem to understand that I don’t take deflection,” how does Crystal respond?

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This program contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

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