Sierra claims she was diagnosed at 16 with bipolar disorder but doesn’t believe that’s what’s wrong with her. The 17-year-old says she feels “stuck,” and doesn’t know how to tap into her emotions.

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Sierra’s mother, Tasha, claims the teen has had several different diagnoses, medications and treatment plans since childhood, but nothing has helped her emotional or behavioral issues. She claims Sierra steals, lies, is promiscuous and has been getting into trouble at school, and with the law, for years.

Dr. Phil tells Sierra he suspects she may have been misdiagnosed, and possibly given inappropriate treatment, as a result.

“I think you have been given a series of medications that have been toxic for your brain,” he tells the teen on Friday’s episode. “And when I say toxic for your brain, I think it has actually caused your brain to rewire itself in such a way that you have a problem with impulse control.”

Continuing, he says, “You have difficulty with problem recognition, you have a difficulty with problem-solving, and you have a difficulty with foresight, the ability to predict the consequences of your actions.”

“And the good news is -- that’s all fixable.”

When he refers Sierra to the Lawlis Peavey PNP Center for a full neurological and biochemical evaluation, does she accept the help? Tune in to Friday’s Dr. Phil.

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