John says he was always fascinated with killing and with serial killers and claims that, although he has never murdered anyone, he’s been fighting the urge to torture, dismember and kill others, since the age of 12. John also admits that along with alcohol, his sister, Jennifer, is sometimes a “trigger” for his urges.

WATCH: Woman Claims Her Brother Often Talked About ‘Fascination’ With Killing

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“If your relationship with your sister is a trigger, then you need to resolve that to the point that you desensitize yourself to her as a trigger,” Dr. Phil tells John in the video above.

“And you should not be alone with this man with yourself and your children unless and until an independent professional tells you that it is safe to do so, okay,” he cautions Jennifer.

WATCH: Man Claims He’s Fought The Urge To Torture, Dismember And Kill Since Childhood

What other precautions does he advise the siblings to take?

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