When Maya was 12, she discovered her mother, Raegon, having a relationship with Craig, who was her father, Steve’s, best friend. Then her parents divorced, and Craig moved into the family home.

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Now 17, Maya admits to skipping school, having violent outbursts, and attempting to take her own life - twice. She claims it’s because she hates Craig for breaking up her family.

“None of my siblings like Craig,” says Maya on Thursday’s Dr. Phil, adding, “My ultimatum to my mom is: it’s either your four children or your boyfriend, pick a side.”

Raegon says she doesn’t want to have to choose between her kids and her partner and feels she’s getting “the short end of the stick.” She also says she believes that Maya’s past suicide attempts were “for attention, or to hurt me or to make me feel bad.”

Craig says he loves all four of Raegon’s children, but “If Dr. Phil tells me that my being in the home is not in the best interests for the kids, then I have to leave.”

When Dr. Phil tells him, “Your being in the home is not in the best interests of the kids,” how do he and Raegon respond?

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