Tia alleges her father, Jimmy, physically and sexually abused her when she was younger. She has also made serious accusations against her stepmother, Donna, and claims that her mother, Gina, took her son, and has “brainwashed” the teenager to keep him away from her.

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WATCH Woman Claims Her Mother ‘Brainwashed’ Her Son

Tia’s family says none of what the 37-year-old claims is true. They claim she’s been drinking and doing drugs since she was a teenager, makes false accusations, has spent time in jail, and has threatened kill herself - and them, which she adamantly denies.

Tia’s son says he’s worried that his mother could end up dead or in prison. “I for sure think she needs help,” he says.

WATCH Why A Teenager Says He Worries His Mom 'Could End Up Dead Or In Prison'

“You started doing drugs at a time when your brain was in a formative phase, Dr. Phil tells Tia on Tuesday’s episode. “You kept doing them for a long period of time,” he adds, concluding, “We don’t really know what’s going on, because your brain hasn’t been clear since you were 13 years old.”

When Dr. Phil refers Tia to Creative Care a treatment center that focuses on dual diagnoses for a thorough evaluation, does she agree to go?

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