Kristen claims that her mother, Theresa, and sister, Susie, are “rattlesnakes” who have poisoned her daughter, Brittney, against her.

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“I don’t feel loved by them at all,” she says, claiming that her family has abused her all her life.

Brittney says Kristen used to be a compassionate and loving mother but is now at war with her family. She claims that anytime she doesn’t take her mother’s side, Kristen calls her names and blows up her phone with “hateful text messages.”

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“I despise my reactive verbal responses,” Kristen tells Dr. Phil on Thursday's episode, adding, “I regret that immediately when I say horrible things to her. I cry about it for days.”

“You’re falling victim to something called outrageous overshadow," Dr. Phil explains.

“If Susie’s lying; if somebody’s doing something; if somebody’s manipulating, your reaction is so outrageous – they get a pass,” he continues.

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Dr. Phil says there’s help available for Kristen. Will she accept it?

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