Katelyn claims her mother, Sandy, is an “evil bitch” who is trying to steal her son.

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Sandy and her husband, Ed, say they’ve had guardianship of the boy for over a year. They claim that Katelyn is an unfit mother who jumps from job to job and can’t afford to properly care for her child.

“What mother doesn’t deserve to have their kids?” Katelyn asks, adding, “I don’t do drugs - I don’t. I work, like everyone else. I have my own place. Like, give me my son.”

“You’re not reading the room,” Dr. Phil tells her. “You’re not really getting it here. I am your biggest advocate here. I want you to have your son, and I want to help you get where you can deserve to have your son.”

Continuing, he says, “I’m willing to try and help you figure that out, but you need to acknowledge that instead of just saying, 'well, he’s mine, I, give him back.'"

When Dr. Phil reviews a list of 10 Parental Fitness Factors with Katelyn, does she say she’s willing to do the work to prove that she can provide a safe, stable and secure environment for her child?

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