Kelly says she started a secret Facebook group offering peer support to women with PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

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Dana, a former member and administrator with the group, claims that Kelly was playing at being an “armchair therapist” and giving bad advice to members. She also claims she was banned for disagreeing with Kelly over the protocol for handling suicidal ideation among its members.

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Kelly insists she wasn’t offering therapy to the members; but in a taped interview with Dr. Phil producers, she says, “I’m really like an underpaid therapist.”

“You say ‘I don’t dole out therapy,’ but then I hear you doing therapy,” says Dr. Phil, adding, “I hear you talking to people about identifying their triggers, reframing things, identifying negative self-talk - All things which, in my opinion, you’re not even almost qualified to do.”

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“All I’m speaking of is things that I’ve personally experienced,” Kelly replies.

When Dr. Phil says, “Just because you’ve had brain surgery, doesn’t mean you can do it. You’ve been in therapy. That doesn’t mean you can do therapy,” how does Kelly respond?

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