Sisters Samantha and Veronica say because their mother, Valerie, works long hours, she’s never had time for them.

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Their former nanny, Feliz, claims she found a lack of attachment between Valerie and her children, and current nanny, Elaine, claims Valerie has a “hands-off” parenting style that has had a big effect on 16-year-old Veronica.

Valerie, who says she fears Veronica is going down a “bad path,” and claims that the teenager drinks, smokes marijuana, lies, and is promiscuous, admits she has delegated parenting responsibilities to the nannies.

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Valerie also admits to allowing Veronica to get Botox and filler treatments because she feels bad about her body image.

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“She wears me down until I’m in tears, and I give in because I feel like I’ll be hated if I don’t,” she tells Dr. Phil.

When Dr. Phil tells Valerie “You’ve got to stop parenting from guilt,” does she agree?

Plus, what offer does Dr. Phil make to Valerie and Veronica to help find a way to repair their relationship?

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