Melinda says she’s a victim of stalking and online bullying. She claims Vicky and Darlene have been harassing her since she kicked them off an online support group for survivors of the 2016 wildfires in Tennessee, and claims they’ve accused her of scamming people for money.

TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Being falsely accused of something?

Melinda also claims she’s not their only victim, saying, “Vicky and Darlene troll a lot of people. Something needs to be done.” She says she went to the police, but they didn’t do anything.

“Melinda posted on public forums that I had been under investigation and that I was soon going to be arrested,” claims Darlene. “She said it had to do with slander and defamation of character.”

“We would be in jail, Melinda, if your accusations were true,” says Vicky. All three women claim they want to put an end to the conflict between them, but each side continues to blame the other. When Dr. Phil tells them “I think this is childish,” how do the ladies respond?

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