Rick, a hip-hop artist, asserts that Lenard began stalking and harassing him over six years ago, claiming that Rick was a child predator who was wanted by the FBI, which Rick says is a lie.

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Lenard claims it’s Rick who’s been harassing and threatening him ever since he “called him out” for allegedly being a child predator.

As their cyber feud has escalated, each man has claimed the other has made threats against his family; and Rick says he got Lenard fired when he informed Lenard’s employer he was using their equipment to stalk him (which Lenard denies).

Both men say they just want the other one to leave him alone.

“You don’t have to forgive each other, you don’t have to be friends, you just have to stop,” Dr. Phil tells the pair.

Do they commit to ending their feud?

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Hip-Hop Artist Claims He’s Being Harassed And Threatened By Man He Calls “Cyber Stalker”