“My husband feels fear and intimidation is how you should raise your child,” says Carol who claims her husband, Bob, verbally abuses her and their children, which he adamantly denies.

Watch: Teen Says She’s Sick Of Stepdad Calling Her Mom A ‘Gold-Digger’

TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Accusations causing a rift in your relationship?

Carol, who claims she and Bob have been fighting over money and their kids for years, says she’s on the verge of divorce.

WATCH: Woman Claims Her Husband Calls Her A ‘Gold Digger’

“Shame on both of you,” Dr. Phil tells Bob and Carol after listening to an audio recording of the couple arguing in front of their children.

When he refers the couple to Onsite Workshops to help them resolve their differences, do they accept?

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Man Who Claims Wife Is A Gold-Digger Learns Where His Money Really Went