Brittany’s mother, Donna, and father, Steven, claim that she has out-of-control anger issues and “serious psychological problems.”

Know Someone With Outrageous Behavior? Tell Dr. Phil

The former couple, who divorced when Brittany was 8, both say they’ve had to call the police on their daughter multiple times because of her uncontrollable rages, threats of violence and verbal and physical attacks.

WATCH ‘I Absolutely Want This Drama Out Of My House And Out Of My Life,’ Says Mom Of 28-Year-Old

Now 28, Brittany denies her parents’ claims and says she feels “like a tormented child.”

Steven says Brittany has never received a formal diagnosis or been put on the “right” medications to control her behaviors.

When Dr. Phil says to Steven, “You’re not going to parent her through the police, and you’re not going to fix this with a pill,” how does Steven respond?

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