Bobby claims since they split up two years ago, his ex-wife, Andrea, has had sex with between 50 to 100 men, many of whom he says he believes she has brought around their 6-year-old son. He admits he does “a lot of background checks” on the men Andrea dates, including her current boyfriend, Jordan because he says he wants to make sure his child isn’t exposed to a sexual predator.

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Andrea says who she dates isn’t Bobby’s business. She adamantly denies his accusation that she has had 50-100 partners, and says she doesn’t expose their son to any of the men who come into her life “until they’re serious.”

Dr. Phil tells Bobby he has “unfinished emotional business” with Andrea. “I think you were hurt in that relationship and I think you had and still have feelings for her,” he says. “You label it as hate, because it’s causing you a lot of pain.”

He says he believes if Bobby were to go to court in a custody battle over his son with Andrea he’d lose, “because your conduct smacks of parental alienation, instability, and unpredictability.”

Bobby adamantly denies that he still has feelings for Andrea, but does accept an offer of help to come up with a new parenting plan with her. Will Bobby learn how to move on with his life?

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