Carina admits she drinks alcohol daily to numb the pain of losing her two older sons, Nathan and Austin, as well as her ex-husband, Tom, who were murdered while on a camping trip three years ago.

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While other family members claim that Carina cut them out of her life, her two younger sons, Quinton and Roland, say that when she drinks, Carina makes them the target of her rage.

WATCH ‘She Says Vicious Things That She Doesn’t Mean,” Says Son Of Mom Who Admits She Drinks To Numb Her Pain

“I have told them that they don’t love me,” she says, admitting that she sometimes says terrible things to the teens.

“I think, for you, all the signs that you’re showing with the rage and the alienation of other family members and the venting toward the boys indicates to me that this has gone beyond grief to the point of depression,” says Dr. Phil in the video above.

Does he have a plan to help Carina learn how to move through her grief without the alcohol?

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'I Just Want Them To Come Home,’ Says Grieving Mom Of The Sons She Lost To Murder