Laura and John moved in together over 16 years ago and had a daughter, who they named Angelina.

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Today, Laura, Angelina, John’s daughter, Jessie and Jessie’s 14-month-old baby live together in John’s house, while John sleeps in the garage. He says he and Laura haven’t been a couple in nearly a decade.

John and Jessie claim Laura is a hoarder who slowly took over their home. They say the house and yard are now overrun with piles of junk, food, garbage, bags of clothes and over 50 animals, and they want her out.

Laura denies being a hoarder. She says some of the junk belongs to Jessie, and claims John is so controlling, she can’t ever get the time to clean the rest of it up. Laura claims it’s the messy house, but Jessie’s attitude and John’s drinking that caused the collapse of her relationship with John. Laura says she’s been a full-time mom to Angelina and hasn’t held an outside job in many years.

Angelina, who is now 16 says she doesn’t get along with her father or her sister. She says it’s “obvious,” her parents don’t get along and claims she’s ready to walk away and never look back.

“Here’s my advice: You two need to live separately,” Dr.Phil tells John and Laura. How does he propose the former couple and their daughters navigate the transition?

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‘I Am Sick Of Living This Way,’ Says Woman Who Claims Her Stepmom Is A Hoarder