Camma and Brandon’s 10-year-old daughter claims that Camma’s fiancé, Andrew, molested her when she was 8. Andrew confessed to charges of statutory rape but during his trial, he claimed Camma’s daughter initiated it.

Prior to learning of Andrew’s testimony, Camma alleges her daughter lied about being molested by Andrew, and she accuses Brandon of manipulating the child so he could gain custody. Brandon admits he made a mistake when he sent the girl back to her mother’s home after first learning of the abuse but vehemently denies coaching the (then) 8-year-old to lie.

When Dr. Phil tells her parents to “stop running your own agenda at the child’s expense,” does this fractured family finally put aside their differences and pull together in support of their daughter?

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This program contains sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Woman Defends Standing By Fiancé Convicted Of Abusing Her Daughter