Tom and Karen say their daughter, Madison, is out of control. They’re claiming the 15-year-old smokes, drinks, does drugs, is chronically truant, bullies and assaults other teens, has stolen Karen’s car over 30 times, and has been charged four times with domestic battery for physically attacking Tom.

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Karen claims Madison cost them upwards of $20,000 in stolen family heirlooms and property damage when the teen threw an unauthorized house party while her parents were out of town. Additionally, says Karen, Madison was recently involved in an 80-mph car crash with three other friends following a suspected high speed chase.

“They had robbed somebody for Xanax,” claims Karen. “They had robbed them, got in the vehicle and then sped off – and the people they robbed were chasing them,” Karen says it’s unclear who the firearm belonged to.

“Completely against all the values that we thought we were teaching her,” says Tom.

“We’re at our wits’ end,” says Karen.

The couple says they’re afraid for Madison and for their family. They claim she’s now corrupting their 13-year-old daughter, Liz, as well. Madison says she’s "just a fun-loving teen," and her parents are "blowing everything out of proportion."

“We’ve gotten a second chance here and it’s, it’s time that we alter the narrative,” says Dr. Phil on Monday’s episode. “And I could spend a lot of time talking about parenting and what you’ve done or not done, but I don’t want to talk about fire prevention while we’re standing in a burning house.”

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