Angie and Hunter claim their 15-year-old son, Rivers, refuses to attend school, disrespects them, calls them names, attacks them physically, and controls their household through intimidation.

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“He does not perform, and you’re allowing that to happen,” says Dr. Phil. “And his behavior is situation specific. It happens when there are folks requiring him to do something he doesn’t want to do.”

Rivers' parents say he’s received various mental health diagnoses over the years but is not currently in treatment or on medication. Dr. Phil tells them, “I see no indication of mental illness here. What I see is a spoiled-brat kid who gets rewarded for bad behavior.”

Angie and Hunter say Rivers suffered a febrile seizure at the age of two. Why does Dr. Phil say that may have influenced the way they parent him?

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‘I Just Explode On Them,’ Says Teen Whose Parents Claim He Physically And Verbally Attacks Them